May Pinterest Picks

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Pinterest is a website that helps you organize and share all of the amazing things you find on the web. People use it to plan weddings, design homes, and inspire.

Each month we feature inspiring images that we find through pinterest. Hopefully they will provide some design inspiration for your own custom framing.

If you already have a pinterest account, you can follow along with our boards here. Happy Pinning!

framed butterflies // studio 3 custom framing

Make your art even more dynamic – cut it into pieces and have them individually custom framed. [pin]

custom framing// Studio 3

The oversized mats on these custom framed art pieces make for a truly custom look!  [pin]

custom framing in laundry room // Studio 3

Add custom framed art to your laundry room & make it more inviting!  [pin]

custom framed ribbons // studio 3

Display your awards proudly with these custom framed ribbons and trophies. [pin]

custom framing in bathroom // studio 3

This custom framed art above a bathtub ties the whole look together! [pin]

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