Color Trends for Framing

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With Spring officially here, this year we’ve noticed an onset of color amongst our framing projects. Bright and Bold seems to be the style, and it’s oh-so-fun!

Check out this article from Decor Magazine on the 2011 Color Trends.

Below are some of the brighter colors we’ve seem popping up lately in framing, art and design!

“Tropical Scene 1” by Sharyn Sowell photo via Larson Juhl

“Fuschia Trees Outline Kelly” by Amy Butler photo via Larson Juhl

Trellis Tile, Blueberry/Lemon from Biltmore Collection

A lot of the color inspiration for art and framing can even be seen on the fashion runway. Just check out these hot colors via College Fashion.


Dress, Clutch, Skirt, Flats, Top, Earrings

Tropical Blue

Top, Bag, Bracelet, Sandals, Skirt, Dress


Dress, Pumps, Blouse, Tank Top, Eyeshadow, Scarf

So what do you say? Ready to add a little color to your next framing project?

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