Piccasso-like Paintings at Studio 3

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Painting “Flies” by artist Chincoteague Minnow

Most of you may be familiar with the works of Pablo Piccaso, but have you heard of the artist, Chincoteague Minnow? Chances are you haven’t, but their works are very similar to eachother. Chincoteague Minnow may not share the same name recognition as Picasso, but he does have something that makes his paintings a bit different. Chincoteague Minnow is a 1993 Island-born Chincoteague Pony, thats right, he’s a pony.

Recently Minnow’s creations have landed him on the front page of the Daily Local News. If you would like to read the article you can download a PDF or read it online by clicking these links.

You can learn more about Minnow and his unique story by visiting his website: www.paintingpony.com All of Minnow’s works are also available exclusively at Studio 3 in Downingtown. Be sure to come by and watch the video we have playing of Minnow at work!

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